Click on the underlined names to see a large image of the cultivar.




Sun Reaction – (M). Upright yellow with spots. Dark stem and buds.

Classic– (CP). Nodding, spotless, deep lemon yellow flowers with bronze reverse. Graced with

a bell-shaped form this vigorous hybrid returns taller and stronger every year. 4-5’ mid June.

Madras – (CP) has an incredible candelabrum of perfectly spaced, solid brilliant yellow upfacing

flowers. High bud count provides long season of bloom. 3-4’ late June.


Circus Crowd – (M). Side facing orange.


Naomi – (M). Side facing red.

Red Velvet  – (CP) is a classic hybrid triploid with a long panicle of deepest velvety black-red

flowers. Virtually indestructible with great color. NALS Hall of Fame. 3-5’ late June.


 Brushstroke – (CP) is one of the most reliable lilies ever grown, gracing gardens for over 25

years. Tall stems bear large upfacing cream white flowers with elegant plum brushmarks. 4’.

Lighthouse – (M). Pure white upright.

Nepal – (M). White with burgundy spots.

Sweet Surrender – (CP) (Cocker) has large, perfectly recurved creamy white flowers, sprinkled

at the throat with large, jaunty deep plum spots. Strong, vigorous and delightful. 3-5’ late June.


Bali Hai – (CP) is a lovely medley of rose, peach, and mango – a subtly shading blend of colors

from the tropics. Botrytis resistant and heat tolerant. Indestructible. 4’ late June.

Fantasy – (M). Pink tips with yellow center.

Maribelle – (M). Outfacing, gently recurved rosy pink blooms. Each petal has a delicate peach

star in the center. 4’ June.

Rosepoint Lace – (CP) is a strain of large, recurved, pendant ivory to soft pink flowers, with the

signature “rosepoint” pattern of spotting inherited from Lilium lankongense. Triploid. 4’ mid June.

Tiffany – (M). Side facing pink with yellow highlights in center. New and nice.

Ruby – (M). Old fashioned upright pink.


Doeskin – (CP) has many medium sized Turk’s-cap flowers of spotless peach champagne,

accented with cinnamon-red anthers. Vigorous. 3-4’ early June.

Dusty Dawn – (M). Side facing orange/pink.

Oklahoma – (M). Not available for many years, it is a show stopper red/yellow blend.

Tiger Babies – (CP) have large, lightly fragrant, peach pastel flowers with a hint of pink, shading

to deep peach throats. Embryo-cultured hybrid combines longevity of Tiger Lily with substance of

trumpet lilies. Always popular and thrives most everywhere. 3-5’ late June.


Tyger Tyger – (CP) is a cleaned-up-from-virus-by-tissue-culture double (we thought) Tiger Lily,

originating from one bulblet of a spontaneous mutation – but when the new plants bloomed it was

discovered that the mutation is actually a chimera, and half the bulbs have single flowers, with the

other half truly double. Amazingly vigorous, a delightful combination and the LAST Asiatics to

flower. 4’ and taller, late June to mid August. Sold in bags of 3 to include both forms.


Copper Crown– (CP) has long, bronze colored buds and beautiful coppery-apricot fragrant

trumpets. 4-5’ July.

Golden Scepter – (CP) has deep golden yellow fragrant trumpets with bronze reverse. 4’ July.

Louis XIV – (CP) is a regally tall lily with deep golden flowers that recurved into a true “sunburst”

form, traceable to its L. henryi ancestry. 5’+ late July.

Summer Palace – (CP) A beautiful strain of fragrant pink lilies. 3-4’ July.

White Henryi – (CP). The classic with white “sunburst” flowers with deep golden orange centers.

This is a true clone of the over 50 year old favorite. 4-5’ July. A must in every lily garden.


Angelica – (M). New introduction. White with gold band.

Medusa -  (M). Hot pink with yellow center. “Best Oriental” winner in our 2008 show.

Rio Negro –(CP). Enormous flowers of deepest crimson with black-red midribs. Flowers have

perfect form and beautifully ruffled margins. Best of the new dark Orientals. 3-4’, early August.

Stargazer – (M). Among the best known lilies in the world. Upfacing crimson flowers with white

edge. Good container plant. 3’ August.


Alchemy – (CP) is a stunning orienpet with huge, wide-open flowers of deepest red rimmed with

a wide margin of rich coppery gold. Fragrant. 4-5’ July.

Black Beauty – (CP). This is the original clone, bred 50 years ago by Leslie Woodriff. This

superlative garden plant produces a cascade of tightly recurved “black red” flowers with a “hint

of rose” fragrance. 3-5’ and taller, mid August.

Boogie Woogie – (M). Lemon-yellow with narrow rose pink edges. 3-4’ July.

Caravan – (CP) – has large, outfacing flowers of intense sunshine yellow with brilliant rose-red

Centers. Flower form and poise similar to ‘Silk Road.’ 4-5’ July.

Conca d'Or – (M). Large pale yellow with a deep yellow heart. Sidefacing. 4’

Indian Summer – (M). Down facing yellow.

Leslie Woodriff – (CP) A cross between tetraploid forms of ‘White Henryi’ and ‘Black Beauty.’

Robust stems carrying numerous semi-recurved crimson-rose flowers with wide white margins.

4-6’ late July to early August. Whopper bulbs at special price to celebrate elevation to NALS Hall

of Fame.

Pizzazz – (CP) has brilliant orange flowers with shiny red centers. Sunburst shape. A Popularity

Poll favorite. 4-6’ and taller, early August.

Robina – (M). Up facing hot pink with huge flowers. Shows well. 4’ mid- July.

Rococco – (CP) has stupendous rich golden yellow flowers. This sturdy tetraploid has robust

stems carrying deepest yellow flowers of any Orienpet. Sweetly fragrant. 4-5’ mid-July.

Scheherazade – (CP) is a vigorous hybrid from ‘Thunderbolt’ x Tetra ‘Black Beauty.’ Deep red

recurved flowers edged in gold, shading into white margins. (If you saw our show you know.)

July to early August. 3-6’ and taller. Special price.

Shocking – (M). Yellow with red band.

Silk Road – (CP). Huge white flowers with deep, intensely crimson pink throats, carried on an

enormous inflorescence. Everyone knows this beauty, on list for anyone who by now does not

have one or needs a replacement. Special price.

Yelloween – (M). Up facing yellow.

Kariba – (M) Actually an L/O hybrid that looks like ‘Triumphator.’ Large white flowers with deep

pink heart. 3’ or so.

Seafarer – (CP) is an Asiapet. It has a perfect pyramid of unspotted cantaloupe orange flowers

with apricot throats and dusky plum reverse. Bell-shaped pendant flowers have a soft trumpet-like

fragrance. 3-4’ and taller, late June to early July