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The Potomac Lily Society, aka PLS, is an organization committed to furthering the appreciation of true bulb lilies of the genus Lilium. The Potomac Lily Society was started in 195? and still boasts one charter member among its active members. Some of our members are also actively involved in the activities of the North American Lily Society, of which PLS is a regional chapter. For more information about the North American Lily Society, see http://www.lilies.org/

In a typical year we sponsor a lily show, host a spring luncheon and an autumn picnic, publish a quarterly newsletter and conduct a bulb sale. Our membership ranges the gamut from backyard gardeners with a casual interest in lilies to internationally recognized hybridizers with decades of rolex replica lily-growing experience. Our annual show includes two broad categories of entries: horticulture entries (i.e. cut or potted lilies grown by the exhibitor) and design entries (i.e. flower arrangements). It is not necessary to be a member of PLS to participate in these shows.

We maintain close contact with and support two sister organizations, the Garden Club of Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic Lily Society.

Membership is open to all with an interest in lilies. Dues are currently $4.00 per year. If you would like to join juliatoms.co.uk, please contact our Treasurer, John Roe, at jroeboat@msn.com