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Volume XXXVII No 1 www.potomaclilysociety.org February 2007 
Harlin Turner 
Vice President 
Sam Wyatt 
Tricia Kincheloe 
John Roe 
Membership Secretary 
Jim McKenney
Kathy Digges
Dolores Felch
Rachel Hollis
Kathleen Hoxie
John Lydon
Jim McKenney
Mary Queitzsch
John Rountree
Carolyn Scott
Muriel Turner
Dave Willmore
John Lydon 
Happy New Year! If the current trend in the 
weather continues for this winter, our annual flower show 
should look quite different from past years. The warm 
weather coupled with a later show date (possibly 
June 31 - July 1) should result in quite a different 
selection of stems to present at the show. Something to 
look forward to. 
Our Annual Meeting with be held at the Fort Myer 
Officers Club on March 18. Reservation information and 
directions can be found on page three of this newsletter. 
Note also that Jim posts the newsletter on our website, 
www.potomaclilysociety.org, so you can access the 
information in this newsletter wherever you can connect 
to the internet. 
It is time to update your membership if your dues 
were only paid up to 2006. Check the mailing label on 
your newsletter if you receive the newsletter by post. 
Those receiving the newsletter by e-mail will receive a 
message indicating if their dues are due. E-mail is a 
convenient way to receive the newsletter. It is sent out 
as a pdf file which requires a pdf file reader that can be 
downloaded free from the internet. Besides the 
newsletter, the updated membership directory can be 
distributed by e-mail as well. In fact, if you request to 
receive the newsletter by e-mail and your dues are 
current, you will automatically receive the 2007 PLS 
Membership Directory by e-mail. 
Read on for more important information about our 
regional society. I wish you an enjoyable 2007 
gardening season and look forward to seeing you at the 
Annual Meeting. 
In this issue of the PLS Newsletter 
.. PLS Annual Meeting March 18 .. 
.. PLS Membership Renewal .. 
The Potomac Lily Society Board of Directors met 
at the home of Jack Roe on January 21. The meeting 
was called to order at 1:10 pm. The following Board 
members were present: President Harlin Turner, 
Secretary Tricia Kincheloe, Treasurer John Roe and 
Membership Secretary Jim McKenney as well as 
Directors Kathy Digges, Dolores Felch, Kathleen 
Hoxie, Muriel Turner and Dave Willmore. Vice 
President Sam Wyatt as well as Directors Rachel 
Hollis, John Lydon, Mary Queitzsch, John Rountree 
and Carolyn Scott were absent. 
Minutes from the October 15, 2006 were 
reviewed and approved. 
Treasurerís Report. Treasurer John Roe presented a 
copy of his Treasurer's Report for Fiscal Year Ending 
December 31, 2006 to all of the Board Members 
present (copy attached). The report showed a 
beginning balance on January 1, 2006 of $20,800.05 
and an ending balance on December 31, 2006 of 
$21,542.99 for a yearly profit of $742.94. The bulb 
order netted $358.59 this year. The few bulbs 
remaining will be available at the Annual Meeting. 
John sent $50.00 to the North American Lily Society 
this month to pay our annual dues. This amount was 
not reflected in the Treasurer's Report. 
Membership. Membership Secretary, Jim McKenney 
stated that as of early December, we had 50 members 
who have paid through 2007 and 20 who have paid 
through 2006. The daffodil society once gave a 
collection of bulbs to new members. Jim suggested 
that PLS provide new member with a collection of 
about 5 bulbs that consisted of examples of proven 
lilies of various varieties (ex. Black Beauty, L. regale, 
etc.). The Board agreed. Furthermore, Harlin Turner 
suggested that we might want to give new members a 
copy of Let's Grow Lilies so they'd have some basic 
information on showing and growing. 
PLS 2006 Annual Lily Show. This year our show will 
be held in Virginia. Possible locations, their 
availability, accessibility, and suitability were 
discussed. Ultimately, it was agreed that Merrifield 
Garden Center (MGC), Fair Oaks remained one of the 
most preferable locations. After considering a 
suggestion by Dave Willmore to hold the show later in 
June than is custom, i.e. two weeks later than our 
usual show date of Father's Day Weekend, to 
encourage the entries of more Orientals, Orienpets, 
trumpets, Kathleen Hoxie agreed to enquire about 
reserving MGC for show dates June 29th-July 1st. 
Alternate dates will be June 22nd-24th. Kathleen will 
send an e-mail to the Board notifying us of which 
weekend she has reserved with Merrifield. 
Annual Meeting. Sam Wyatt made reservations for our 
Annual Meeting at Ft. Meyer Officer's Club for March 
18, 2007. The event will be from 11:30 A. M. until 3:00 
P. M. The cost per person will be $24.00 for members 
and non-members alike. President Turner asked for 
suggestions for a program. Kathleen Hoxie suggested 
that we have someone come and speak on roses. 
Muriel Turner suggested Dr. Robert Knerr. Kathleen 
Hoxie said that if we couldn't get Bob Knerr to come 
speak she would ask Nick Webber if he would like to 
give the program. 
Nominating Committee. President Turner requested 
that a nominating committee be formed to present a 
slate of Officers and Directors to be voted on at the 
Annual Meeting. He asked Tricia Kincheloe to chair the 
committee. Tricia said she was open to suggestions, 
volunteers, etc. Please contact Tricia if you would like 
to serve, know of someone who would like to serve, or if 
you wish to recommend someone to serve in one of the 
elected positions. 
Jim McKenney stated that, while he is willing to 
continue serving on the Board, he would like to resign 
as Membership Secretary. 
PLS Web Site. Jim McKenney reported that we had 
250-300 hits recorded on the web site as of late 
December, 2006. By mid-January, we were up to 3500. 
Jim has no explanation for the increased volume in so 
short a time. 
Jim asked for suggestion and/or contributions for 
the web site. Dave Willmore suggested that we post 
pictures of lilies included in last year's bulb order. John 
Roe has a disc that he received with the order 
information and he will give it to Jim. Kathleen Hoxie 
suggested that we post photographs from our next 
society event. Muriel Turner suggested an article on lily 
designs and arrangements. 
New Business. Kathleen Hoxie stated that she was 
contacted by a representative from Brookside Gardens 
(BG) who informed her that BG is trying to raise 
$50,000.00 to build a new conservatory. They will hold 
a silent auction to raise some of the needed funds on 
February 25, 2007. Brookside asked if we would like to 
make a donation, or if any of our members had 
contributions for their silent auction. Kathleen 
recommended that PLS make a donation to BG as they 
have been gracious and welcoming hosts of our show 
when held there. The Board agreed to send a $100.00 
contribution to Brookside for their new conservatory. 
John Roe will make the arrangements for the 
The Board meeting was adjourned at 2:10 P. M. 
SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2007
Ft. Myer Patton Hall Officers Club 
Arlington, VA
 Our Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, 18 March at the Ft. Myer Patton Hall Officers Club in 
Arlington, VA. Events will begin at 11:30 am with a social period featuring free champagne and/or 
orange juice. At about noon we will attack the buffet line which includes a wide range of breakfast 
and lunch items. A short business meeting will follow the meal. The guest speaker for the 
meeting is still to be determined. Members are encouraged to bring a friend to introduce them to 
our society. Note that the Officers Club requires men to wear a coat and tie.
 The price for event is $24.00 per person. The deadline for reservations is March 12. 
Make your check payable to: Potomac Lily Society. 
Send your reservations to: 
5801 N 36TH STREET 
ARLINGTON, VA 22207-1308 
For questions regarding reservations, Jack can be reached at 703-534-6569; 
NOTE: Access to the base is restricted to Hatfield Gate, just off Washington Blvd. at South 
2nd Street. At the gate, you will be asked for your destination and a picture ID for everyone in 
the vehicle. You will also be asked to step out of the vehicle while it is inspected. 
From I-395: Use Exit 8 to Washington Blvd. When clear of the maze you pass Columbia Pike 
and take the next right exit which is marked for Ft. Myer. 
From I-495: Use Beltway Exit 8 to US 50 east. Go until you pass Glebe Rd. and then come to 
Washington Blvd. Exit right on Washington and stay right to first exit which is marked for Ft. 
Myer. Veer to the left at this point on to Court House Road and proceed to top of hill and light. 
This is South 2nd St. Turn left and proceed to gate. 
From I-66: Use your map to find a route that suits you in getting on Washington Blvd. Take this 
South until it passes US 50, then proceed as above. 
To the Club from Hatfield Gate: Once clear of the gate and visitor registration, proceed 
North on Sheridan. You will eventually pass the parade grounds on your right and reach a 
major intersection with Jackson Ave. Turn right. The Officers Club will be about two 
blocks ahead on your left. The lot on your right is available for parking, as is lot just beyond 
the Officers Club on the left. 

PLS Newsletter - Electronic Version 
Save trees and receive the 
newsletter by e-mail in pdf format. If 
you would like to receive the newsletter 
by e-mail, send a message to 
j.lydon@verizon.net indicating so. 
Please include your full name in the 
PLS Honorary Directors 
Alice S. Fenn
Vicki Bowen
Marjorie S. Cassell
Ron Chiabotta
Genie Diller
David Diller
John A. Montgomery
2007 PLS Membership Roster 
The 2007 PLS Membership Roster will be 
enclosed in the next PLS newsletter. Please 
check the previous 2006 Membership Roster for 
accuracy and completeness as your past 
membership information will be used for the new 
roster. Notify Jim McKenney 
(jimmckenney@starpower.net) if any changes 
and/or additions are needed. Note that only 
memberships of current dues-paying members 
will be included in the roster. Also, an electronic 
version of the roster is available in pdf format. 
Notify John Lydon (j.lydon@verizon.net) if you 
would like to receive the electronic version of the 
2007 PLS Membership Roster. 
Joseph Uhring 
PLS Annual Flower Show 2007 
The Potomac Lily Society of America will present its 46th Annual Lily Show in Virginia this year. The 
location and dates will be announced in our next newsletter or possibly be announced at the Annual 
Banquet. Tentatively, it will be June 31 - July 1, and most likely at the Merrifield Garden Center, 
Fairfax, VA. 
Other Upcoming 2007 Events 
GCV 2007 Flower Show 
The Winchester-Clarke Garden Club will host the 
Garden Club of Virginiaís 65th Annual Lily Show on June 20 
& 21 in Winchester,VA 
Mid-Atlantic 2007 Flower Show 
The Mid-Atlantic Lily Society will hold its 2007 flower 
show at Longwood Gardens, July 7 - 8, 2007. Contact 
Marianne Casey for more information about their show 
NLS 2007 International Flower Show 
60th Annual Lily International Show and Symposium will be 
July 11-15 and hosted by The Alberta Regional Lily Society. 
Further information about the show can be obtained at 
Regional Lily Societies 
If you are interested in 
knowing what other lily 
societies in Canada and the 
US are doing, visit: 
www.lilies.org, select 
Regional Societies, 
Regional Society List to 
access a list of other lily 
societies and links to their 
web pages. 
)www.lilies.orgThe North American Lily Society, Inc. ( 
Dr. E. Eugene Fox
August 5, 1937 - January 14, 2007
Gene Fox, a devoted member of NALS, died on January 14. 
The Alberta Regional Society has posted a copy of his obituary 
on its website: http://www.arls-lilies.org/index.php?s=articles 
Potomac Lily Society Dues Payment 2007 
Annual dues (January to December) are $4.00 for either an individual or couple at the same 
address. Dues can be paid for multiple years. The year on the upper right of the address label on 
this newsletter is the year to which your dues are paid. Dues are due if the number is 06 or less. 
Make your check payable to the Potomac Lily Society. 
Name: ____________________________________________________
Street: ____________________________________________________
City: ___________________________ State: ______ ZIP: ____________
Phone: _______________________ E-mail: _______________________________