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In June of 2007,  Jim McKenney was visiting with friends in the vicinity of Harrisonburg, Virginia at the end of the lily season. He took advantage of being there to visit several of our members who garden in that area. It occurred to him that pictures of our members in their gardens or with their lilies would be a nice addition to our regional's web site. He also used the visits to expand on a topic which came up at table during our post-show luncheon: how did you get interested in lilies? So here are the first ones, in alphabetical order by last name. As time and opportunity allow, more will be added. 

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Genie and David Diller in their Harrisonburg, Virginia garden.

Rachel Hollis in her Harrisonburg, Virginia garden with Lilium 'Silk Road'.

Carolyn Scott at home in Harrisonburg, Virginia with Lilium 'Silk Road'.
Bonnie Mirmak with one of her blue ribbon designs.